Its been awhile, but heres some quick updates…

Hey everyone….

            It’s been awhile since I posted last, but a lot has happened…

  1. We have been updating the church and the front hallway is almost complete along with some upgrades to the fellowship hall and the sanctuary.

These will be ongoing and like I’ve said before we have a 5-year plan to modernize the church property starting in the church…

  1. After a bit of remodeling, my wife and I have moved into the parsonage and the Lord has saw fit to make it possible for me to go fulltime at the church.

So, starting this week I officially went 100% fulltime with the church and it already has been a blessing to say the least…

  1. We have started a new ministry here at Calvary.

Starting with the Men’s Thursday night bible study I will be going through targeted “small group” type lessons with the church… firstly, as kind of a trail, we will being doing a study called “Manhood Restored” as a group… once that is over I will select another “small group” type study and open It up to anyone not just the men… we are praying this will bring the church closer to the Word

  1. Speaking of the Word, we have also launched a new personal study that you can do in your home at your own pace, but as a group with me and other members…

download the Bible app on your phone (search: youversion). Then add the pastor and anyone else from the church you would like… you’ll see where I am in the “Bible in a year” plan on you newsfeed (its set up much like a Facebook newsfeed), just join up and read what I read every day. Also, randomly I will be starting targeted plans ranging in length from a few days to a week or more for us to go through as a group and with this we will be reading it ad communication about what we read daily


basically, it’s an exciting time to be at Calvary, we are seeing growth and change and moving towards a closer walk with the Lord as a church….  Expect a few more announcements soon, but in the meantime Invite your friends, family, and the guy on the street to Calvary Baptist Church in Milford…
Pastor Matt Roberts

It’s been a year!


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