It’s been a year!


what is a real church experience?

A real church experience

a real church experience


Over the past few weeks we as a church have decided to make a lot of changes… not in our doctrine, or how we preach, or what we do, but for the first time in 55+ years we won’t be in the building that we started in. This move has cause me as the pastor to really get in touch with God through prayer and the reading of His Word and let me say i am glad for it!!     
     We, God’s children,need a real time with God. just us and Him, in deep prayer and deep study of His Word. Nothing will bring you to the realization that what you are doing is either in tune with His will, or out of tune with it. new sermons and studies, new outreaches and programs, new ideas and opportunities are on the horizon for our small independent baptist church and we are excited for it….



We’ve started “rebuilding the house” and to some people it may not seem like much, but to those paying attention it has been a giant step forward. We are studying diligently the Word of God, moving into new “corporate” ministries as a church family…but its the personal ministry that will rebuild the house more then the church ministries.
We can’t get too loose with personal Bible study, relying too much on church times and having a leader in our study. The greatest teacher isn’t a preacher or a study leader it is the Holy Spirit. how he moves in our personal study will grow us closer to God then a group setting ever will. Too many Christians put more emphasis on a “church relationship” with God then a “personal” relationship with Him.  NOTHING CAN BE MORE BACKWARDS!! Before we can rebuild the church we have to rebuild the personal relationships with God. 


Rebuilding the house

It’s been a great few months here at Calvary. We have seen rededication’s, new members, and a brand new energy within the church. Visitors are coming, and then coming back! God sure is good to us… 
For the past few weeks we’ve been studying a thought, an idea, “REAL FAITH=REAL ACTION” and its been going good. I’ve seen people come alive and ask questions and get engaged in the church… Now i want to switch gears to a new idea “REBUILD THE HOUSE”.   This idea came to me as i was sitting in a preachers fellowship. Sermon ideas and ministry ideas came flooding in to the point that i know God moved in my heart to bring me to this idea….
What i mean by “THE HOUSE” isn’t just the church, but the home, the family, and the mind. We have to start there, church folks for far too long have let the “house” go into ruins, we’ve put the world ahead of our God given responsibility to our homes and families.


A direction to go

In the past 5 months I’ve seen God move and looked out as I’ve preached and seen the same faces, but just a bit different. As I Preached the other Sunday Morning I was looking at the congregation and I saw some of the same faces that I saw when my wife and I first come to Calvary, but they were different and new and refreshed and that told me a lot….
First, it told me they’ve been getting fed, which is great because thats my job to feed the people spiritually. To dissect the Bible and preach Biblical truths that they need as God leads me to preach to them…
Secondly, it tells me that they are refreshed, like the burden of waiting was over and now they could go back to being a church instead of looking for a pastor….


Faithfulness to your church

You know for years I have heard Pastors saying how important it is to be Faithful to your church, and as i started to serve Christ in my own life i started to see and feel convicted about just how important it is to be faithful to your church. A few weeks ago, during our revival, I preached a message about how each member of every local church is like a puzzle piece and without every piece then something will always be missing, but when you have every piece you can see a beautifully crafted and put together picture.
Without faithfulness to your church a few things will happen:
Your testimony will suffer. when people who know your a church goer see you missing church for every little reason they will not take you seriously as a Christian. You may think I’m exaggerating, but it is the truth. Think about it, how can you witness to someone about the importance of church and God in their lives when you yourself don’t place Him or His church on that high of a place in your own life? Simply put, you can’t and if you can’t witness then you can’t produce fruit as we are called to do (John 15).
The Pastor, whom has to answer in judgment for his congregation, will be less likely to ask for your help in the ministry, thus you’ll miss out on the blessings of serving Christ within your local body of believers. Again you may think i am exaggerating, but i can honestly tell you that after years of serving Christ beside Pastors and now being a Pastor, that when someone isn’t faithful in church attendance how can we be sure they will follow thru and be faithful with everything else they say they will do?


A New Start

As I move everything around in my new office, at my new church, with my new congregation i can’t help but be humbled at the grace and mercy of our God. I mean i often think “how can you use such a sinner like me Lord?” but then He reminds me of the apostle Paul and what all he did, all the sins he committed and how He used him to forge the new testament church through out the known world. He used his past to push him, his pain to remind him, and his sorrow to let him know there is a cost to pay for not following Gods will.